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As an entrepreneur for over 17 years, Wendy Nelson Kenney is an expert in small business marketing, having started four businesses from scratch,  and then turning them into very successful ventures.  She’s an published author, popular speaker and has won numerous awards including many top sales awards.

She founded 23Kazoos after numerous requests from small business owners for her to share her  Secrets for Small Business Marketing Success.

23 Kazoos is an organic marketing company especially for small businesses.  We specialize in teaching business owners the Secrets of marketing their business, building buzz, and getting more customers, all without breaking the bank!

We don’t believe in traditional advertising or marketing.  So if you’re looking for someone to create advertising campaigns through print, television or radio, it’s not us.

We don’t believe you need to hire an expensive PR firm to get noticed by the media, so if you’re looking for a PR firm to do that for you, it’s not us.

We don’t believe you need to hire an expensive web designer and have a fancy website to get more customers from the web, so if you’re looking for fancy website designers, it’s not us.

We do believe that you can create a memorable brand and generate all the business you need, without spending a ton of money.  So if you’re looking for help with that.  That’s us!

To find out more about how we can help you create a customized marketing plan to build buzz for your business, browse this pages, or download our free eBook  here!

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  1. chazbacks permalink
    April 28, 2009 4:39 am

    Go to 23kazoos twitter page to see what your businesses twitter could look like if it is made from me

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