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“Powerful and Passionate!”

“Wendy’s enthusiasm and energy rocked the room!”

“Great speaker and funny too!

Wendy Kenney was the oldest of four children of a single mom who was a survivor of domestic violence. She can remember how frightened she was when her mom took the children and fled to a Domestic Violence shelter to hide from her dad so that he couldn’t hurt them anymore.

At 17, she became a punk rocker, a high school rebel, and a runaway.  At 19 she married an abuser and so began over 10 years of living a life of domestic violence like her mother had.

She’ll never forget the day that she decided that the violence was going to stop.  “It was a hot and muggy Saturday in August in Arizona.  Her husband was playing on the computer.  The boys, who were 6,4, 1 were bored as was she, and they had repeatedly been asking him when they could go do something.  She got fed up with him and turned off his computer.  It was then that he turned on her, and then after he was done he grabbed their son, who was screaming, “Don’t hurt mommy!” in the background.  “I remember it just like a cartoon,” says Wendy.  “He grabbed my oldest and threw him up against the wall and he kind of slid down the wall, and fell in a heap, crying.”  It was then that she decided that the violence was going to end and made one of the hardest decisions of her life.

She became a single mom and went back to college, earning a full tuition scholarship, and graduating in the top 10% of her class, all the while caring for three little boys, and working from home as an entrepreneur.

Wendy knows what it’s like to go through incredible challenges and come out on the other side, and she still does it, every day.

Wendy is a powerful speaker with a dynamic message.

As a survivor she speaks about:

  • Making the Tough Decisions And Coming Out On Top

As an entrepreneur for over 17 years, Wendy’s an expert in small business marketing, having started 4 businesses from scratch, with zero dollars, and then going on into making them very successful ventures.  She’s won numerous awards including the “Entrepreneurial Mother of the Year” award in 2006.

As an Entrepreneur, Wendy’s Topics include:

  • Build Buzz for Your Biz: 7 Inexpensive and Effective Marketing Strategies that Will Get You Noticed
  • The One Page Marketing Plan
  • 7 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic and Get More Customers
  • How to be Your Own Public Relations Agency
  • Help Help, You’re Twittering on my Facebook!  The Best Social Media for your Business and How to Make it Work for You
  • Yes! 5 Proven Ways to Get What You Want (while the other person thinks that they getting what they want too!)

Past Appearances:

Arizona State University * National Association of General Contractors * National Association of Certified Home Inspectors * Women Entrepreneurs Small Business Bootcamp * Healthy Wealthy and Wise * Ladies Who Launch *

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Keynotes * Master of Ceremonies * Breakouts * Workshops *

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